A day for all the mothers 

With this watercolor portrait of the mother of dragons I want to wish all the mothers in Sweden a Happy Mother’s Day! 



My uncle has terminal cancer and because of that he had to give away his dog, Lord. He asked me to paint his portrait to remember him by. So I did. I have a very strained relationship with my uncle, so my reaction to the news that he was sick wasn’t what I would’ve liked it to be. Of course I don’t want him to die, I don’t want anyone to die, but I wish it would’ve bothered me more. I know it’s a weird thing to say, but I have so many bad memories where my uncle treated me and others like garabage for his own amusement. I still don’t want him to die though. I understand this is a horrible thing to write about, and I’m sorry, but I’ve already cried so many tears because of him. I don’t think I can cry any more. 


I don’t want this to be true! I want this to just be a bad dream and I want to wake up now. I wish Bernie Sanders would’ve been the democratic nominee. In my eyes he was the only good candidate, and he would’ve been an amazing president. I don’t get it. What has “The one who should not be named” really accomplished in his life to qualify him for the presidency? What has he accomplished in his life to qualify him for anything? I’m speechless! The world just became a whole lot more scarier! 

Dabble in watercolors 

I just realized I haven’t posted anything on this blog in a while. So here’s a whole bunch all at once. Among other things I’ve been practicing painting in watercolor. I’ve never really done that before. I didn’t think the colors were bright enough, but I thought I should give it another try and I quickly realized that you can get bright colors with watercolors. And now I can’t stop! These are not in the order I made them, but that doesn’t matter. 

First up is this monkey I made for world animal day. Being obsessed with animals and nature I think it’s super important that we all try to do everything we can to save endangered animals and the environment. First we have to realize that there is a problem and not deny the scientific facts.

Next is this portrait of Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman. This portrait is a part of two portrait series I’m making. The first one for cancer that I’m making in the memory of a friend. The second one is a little more cheerful. It’s my Swedish hall of fame. This is the second portrait in that series. Scroll down for the first. 

Third we have another Swedish actor and the first in my Swedish hall of fame, my favorite Max Von Sydow. I just love this guy. I made this for when he was nominated for an Emmy. Sadly he didn’t win. I don’t know what’s wrong with them, he should win all the awards! Crossing my fingers that maybe the critics choice awards will right this wrong. 😜
And finally this portrait of the late Gene Wilder. Who knew 2016 would turn out like this? It’s been a crazy year, and not a good crazy! We just have to suck it up for a few more months now. 2017 have to be better! 

I’ve said it before, I’m really going to try to post more frequently from now on. 

Gift wrapping

I keep working on becoming a better sculptor. This is a gift box. On our latest trip to California we went to Disneyland. Being the nerd that I am I was more exited over the sculptures of the various Disney characters than anything else. While we were there we went to the gift shop where we found a cute pair of Mickey ear rings and a matching necklace perfect for my cousin’s daughter, but I wanted to make something for her so I made this gift box out of paper drying clay that I painted black and red and finished with silver colored glitter spray. On the inside I made a shooting star and wrote “When you wish upon a star…” It also works as a hat for small dogs 😉

For love

At first this was supposed to be a midsummer pole but then the shootings in Orlando happened and I decided to do it in honor of Pride instead. One of my best friends is gay and just the idea of someone hurting her because of the person she loves is heartbreaking. I’m still learning how to sculpt so I know this isn’t as good as it could be and the self critic in me wasn’t happy with the outcome and didn’t want this to be seen, but I felt that the message was more important than my insecurities so I decided to suck it up and put it on display. The hearts are post its where people, regardless of sexual orientation, could write down the names of themselves and the one they love. I’m happy to say that it filled its purpose. Love is love ❤️💗💛💚💙💜